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The Ombuds Office hears your grievances and can help you resolve a conflict. Conflicts can be within yourself or between you and others, making you feel anxious, not appreciated or worse.

During the past several years at Bentley, I have been given the opportunity to mediate, conduct workshops and provide you with advice to empower you to constructively resolve conflicts on your own. It has been especially rewarding to receive feedback on the progress many of you achieved after a challenging situation. Learning that someone has taken the time to resolve a conflict, apologize for being unfair, or change behavior to become more collaborative and trusting is invaluably fulfilling. I cannot tell you how much I welcome such feedback.

Which brings me to the purpose of this booklet. I encourage each of us to reach out to our colleagues to express our gratitude, seek greater understanding, resolve conflicts, big and small, and connect on a deeper level. I hope you will consider sharing your stories and anecdotes with me and with other colleagues so we can continue to build a community of respect and understanding.