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RESPONSE TO: AGENCY: Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). ACTION: Notice of request for information (RFI) for Bioeconomy Federal Register /Vol. 84, No. 175 /Tuesday, September 10, 2019 /Notices, page 47561 Transmitted electronically to

What specific actions could the U.S. Government take to reinforce a values-based ecosystem that will guide the transformation and expansion of the U.S. Bioeconomy, in both the shortand long-term?

This response addresses specific actions the U.S. Government could take to ensure sustainable funding for the basic research that provides the foundation for the U.S. Bioeconomy. Empirical evidence demonstrates that a mature body of basic research is essential for the efficient discovery and development of new medicines, and recent studies have demonstrated the scale of the public sector (NIH) contribution to this research. This funding is, however, under threat. U.S. Government action is required to ensure sustainable funding for basic research. Specific actions by the U.S. Government could include:

1. Make a long-term commitment to sustained public funding of basic science by the NIH at levels at least equal to 2003 in constant dollars;

2. Ensure equitable returns to the public sector from the licensing of federally funded research for development in the biopharmaceutical industry;

3. Require accounting recognition of basic and applied research spending as a capital investment that produces a tangible asset (intellectual property);

4. Facilitate innovative investment instruments that provide long-term support for basic and applied research through tax exempt bonds.