CLIC Newsletter

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Publication Date

Spring 2024


Page 1: Newest Language Partners: Martina Lucianetti

Page 3: Newest Language Partners: Luca Favaron

Page 5: Newest Language Partners: Isabelle Han

Page 7: Newest Language Partners: Cedric Ngando

Page 9: Recipes from Chile: Pebre and Sopaipillas

Page 11: Benefits of Multilingualism

Page 14: Event Recap: Francophonie Day

Page 15: Things to do around Boston

Page 17: An Overview of Chinese and Greek Architecture

Page 19: Interview with Tuyen Bui-Lally

Page 21: Hollywood Movies Stereotype

Page 22: Music and Culture

Page 23: Common Translator Errors

Page 25: Study Abroad: Interview with Jared Podrazik

Page 27: Resources for International Students at Bentley

Page 29: Day in the life of an Honors Student: Zoe Grondin

Page 32: Day in the life of an International Student: David Menache

Page 34: Day in the life of an Athlete: Juliette Rafuse and Matteo Bonati

Page 37: Restaurant Reviews by Sofia Flores

Page 39: Study Abroad: Interview with Catherine Velasquez

Page 41: Cultural Movie Reviews: Life is Beautiful

Page 42: Cultural Movie Reviews: The Last Emperor

Page 43: A Conversation with Dr. Rahul R. Divekar

Page 46: Cultural Movie Reviews: The Intouchables

Page 47: Cultural Movie Reviews: Under the Same Moon

Page 48: Study Abroad: Interview with Jaden Hecht

Pager 50: Event Recap: Spring Festival Gala

Page 51: Cultural Festivals: Diwali

Page 52: Cultural Festivals: Rio Carnival

Page 53: Cultural Festivals: St. Patrick’s Day

Page 54: Cultural Festivals: Medellin Flower Festival

Page 55: Multilingual Education: Intergenerational Learning

Page 58: Meet Nana Adu: Leading Inclusivity at Bentley University

Page 59: Chinese Student Work: 散⽂: 中⽂之美

Page 60: Our Staff

Page 62: Fall Courses



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