CLIC Newsletter

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Publication Date

Fall 2023


Page 1: An Interview with Chinese Professor Yu Lao Shi

Page 3: 4 Restaurant Reviews

Page 7: Event Recap: LCB-Chinese Learn & Lounge (中⽂聚会)

Page 8: When in Rome: Touristic Spots and Landmarks

Page 11: Interview with Nick Luther

Page 13: Event Recap: Study Abroad: Italy Crash Course

Page 14: When in Barcelona: Touristic Spots and Landmarks

Page 17: Interview with Kyle Westfall

Page 19: Recipe: Curry Chicken

Page 20: When in Peru: Touristic Spots and Landmarks

Page 22: Bentley University: Faculty Led International Courses

Page 24: When in Chile: Touristic Spots and Landmarks

Page 27: Newest Language Partner - MAIDA

Page 28: Newest Language Partner - TAFFY

Page 29: Artificial Intelligence and University

Page 31: Recipe: Orange Chicken

Page 32: Interview with Luka Gabadadze

Page 34: Event Recap: Mahjong Hub

Page 35: An Overview of E-Waste and Smartphone

Page 37: Cultural Spotlight: Mexico

Page 39: Recipe: Flour Tortilla

Page 40: Challenges of Translating Humor

Page 41: Event Recap: Pizza Making

Page 42: Students Work Exhibition

Page 43: Spanish Student Work: La unidad hace la fuerz – Alicia Paz

Page 43: Spanish Student Work: La oveja negra y el agua de oro - Chase Fritzell

Page 44: Spanish Student Work: Journey with the Spanish Language - Robert Chindamo

Page 45: Spanish Student Work: Journey with the Spanish Language - Samantha Marroquin

Page 46: Spanish Student Work: Los problemas y peligros en la frontera México/Estados Unidos – Ella Brown

Page 47: Spanish Student Work : Un Jardin de Amor - Hannah Angell

Page 48: Chinese Student Work: ⾦融科技与⽹络安全的融合 – Hunter Smith

Page 49: Chinese Student Work: 同学们的购物习惯 - Korin Wang

Page 50-51: Spring Courses

Page 52: New Chinese Courses Proposed by Yu Lao Shi

Page 53: New French Course: Francophone Entrepreneurs (MLFR 398)

Page 54: Our Staff



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